Free Saturday Performances

This year we have the most entertainment we have ever offered with street musicians, clogging,  multiple bands, crafts, children's activities and a wide variety of food.

Showmobile Stage


Julie Howard and Friends


Perform 4 Purpose Allstars

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Uke Nuts 


A Cast of Thousands

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Bad Ju Ju

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Exchange Street Stage

11:30 Auburn Community Choir
12:30 pm Tommy Sniffen
1:45 pm Cliff Diver
2:30 pm Dan Vitale
3:15 pm Have Your Heard-Unplugged
4:00 pm JD Ballloni
5:00 pm Salvatore Montgomery

6:00 pm Jen Parker

Genesee Street Tent

12-12:30 Genesee Street Voices
130-200 Genesee Street Voices
3-330 Bob Lyna & Friends
5-530 Bob Lyna & Friends

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Ticketed Concert at Auburn Public Theater

WHERE: Auburn Public Theater, 32 Exchange Street, Auburn
New York 13021  

WHEN: 8 pm Saturday, September 9th, 2017

WHO: Joe Whiting and Mark Doyle Celebrating 50 Years of Making Music Together. Special Guest Luke Mock of Exchange Street Records.

FOR TICKETS: Auburn Public Theater Box Office 315 253 6669 or on line at

Chip Falichio, a member of the Entertainment Committee added, “I am thrilled to announce that the big benefit concert this year will take place at the Auburn Public Theater’s MainStage Theater, thanks in part to support from the Senator John A.DeFrancisco Arts in Cayuga County 2017 Program and to the Auburn Public Theater. This is a concert you do not want to miss. The concert is Saturday September 9th, 2017 at 8pm. We are bringing Central New York's musical treasures SAMMY Hall of Fame members  Joe Whiting and Mark Doyle to this special TomatoFest 2017 concert!

Joe and Mark ( according to Joe )

In the early summer of 1967 I got a phone call from my sax teacher Frank Agati. He said that there was a jam session at Speno’s Music in Auburn and I should get my sax and come over. He also mentioned Mark Doyle was going to be there and that I should meet him. I had already heard of Mark from John Dean who played in my previous band with me, The Ridgewoods and John who knew Mark from Mount Carmel spoke very highly of him. Mark had a band at the time and wasn’t interested in breaking it up and I in my infinite wisdom didn’t want to have a girl

( Mark’s sister ) in the band. Times do change don’t they ? Anyway since I hadn’t played in a few months ( my band had broken up ) I wasn’t particularly interested in bringing my rusty horn skills to a jam session but yes, I did want to meet this Mark Doyle. Well, we met and started talking and except for a few instances when he was mad at me or I was mad at him, we haven’t stopped talking since ! We were instantly simpatico; we wanted to be in a great band and we both thought together we had a start. That was the beginning of what would become Free Will and later Jukin’Bone. If I do say so myself and I hope you will pardon my immodesty, we became a great band. For 6 years we lived and breathed music; starting by learning what we liked on the radio and eventually writing our own songs. We signed with RCA and released two albums nationally but like so many good intentions, they came to naught. In 1973 that part of our dream went up in smoke and we both moved on to separate projects. I went with pioneer. Rocker Bobby Comstock for a spell and Mark went with up and coming new artist David Werner. That could have been the end of our story together but it was really just the end of phase one. We would continue our friendship and collaboration with The East Coast All Stars and gigging whenever schedules permitted under our own names together throughout the 1970’s. We would always get together and write, recording demos wherever and whenever we could. About 1983 Mark produced my first solo single ‘Melanie’ and ‘I’ll be on my Way’. Shortly after that we hooked up with Greg Spencer and recorded 2 fine albums for his Blue Wave label, ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ and ‘Flesh and Blood’. In the early 90’s also for Blue Wave, we recorded two excellent albums under the moniker ‘Backbone Slip’; ‘Swamp Water’ and ‘Avenue Breakdown’. In 1993 the original ‘Free Will’ got together to play the first SAMMY Awards Show and we were so well received we did a short tour and recorded a fine CD; ‘Free Will Live on Stage’. Mark and I would play the occasional Festival and continued to write. In 2007 we wanted to do a project together so we wrote and recorded some of our best work as ‘The Truth’ performing select dates to promote it.

Our relationship has not been without it’s issues. When a friendship is literally forged in fire as ours was there are bound to be ‘hot spots’ and ours is no exception. What’s the old saying ? ‘You always hurt the one you love’. I expect that applies to us as well. Mistakes that we have both made are never done in malice but rather out of carelessness. I guess nothing is more common that careless love. After a scorching mini set together at The Palace Theater last December that once again brought out the best in Mark and I, Mark’s wife Liz said “ I’d like to take you both out back and beat you “. My wife Diana replied, “ and I’ll hold them for you”. Sometimes others see what we cannot see ourselves. Mark and I have seen our biggest dreams shattered, we have been through divorce, death and virtually every emotion mortal men can go through together but through it all we have survived as individuals and as friends. Really more like brothers, encompassing all that a close relationship can cover. Now is the time for Doyle-Whiting to make the statement that we have always believed in; Music can move mountains and change minds ! Whether we will move any mountains or change any minds, I guarantee you that we will never stop trying. 2017 celebrates 50 years together of making music. We are proud and honored to be headlining this years ‘Tomato Fest’ and promise to deliver the best music we can make.

As a sidebar, Why Doyle- Whiting and not Whiting -Doyle ? I think that’s easy; Doyle- Whiting not only sounds better but if you take away the hyphen you have Doyle Whiting and that could be an actual person and I’d like to think if he was a person he would have both the skill sets that Mark and I have individually and people would say “ man that Doyle Whiting is one cool cat” !



Tickets can be obtained on line at or call the APT box office at 315-253-6669. But don't delay, there are only 200 tickets for this benefit concert. Proceeds from TomatoFest continue to support 9 food pantries in Cayuga County, as they have for 31 years…